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Sauvana 2.8L TD AT

Sauvana 2.8L TD AT

The Foton Savana SUV is fitted with a 2.8-liter Cummins diesel engine, Getrag transmission, BOSCH electronics and ABS with ESC, a Borg Warner transfer case, DANA axles and differentials and a front and rear disc brake system.

The revolutionary design of the ISF Cummins engine balances performance with economy with a combined fuel consumption of 8 to 9 litres per 100km.

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Foton Sauvana

Foton Sauvana

The Foton Sauvana was first launched in 2014, based on the chassis of the Toyota Fortuner. Basically it's a Tunland pickup with a wagon body plonked on in place.

But unlike the traditional part-time 4WD setup of the Tunland, the Foton Sauvana uses an ‘ATTESA E-TS’ AWD system using a system of clutch packs in the transfer case, controlled by hydraulic fluid, to divert up to 50% of the torque to the front end, which will then behave like a true 4X4 system.

2 Turbo engines are employed, a 2.8L diesel and a 2.0L petrol but only the turbo diesel version will be available in Cambodia.

The Sauvana is a true seven-seater, with a third row that folds flat into the floor. Foton has followed the Toyota Fortuner with their design, but one can see plenty of Ford Everest in the looks department.

The main 4 keys about the Sauvana are its hard-core exterior, spacious interior, powerful engine and off-road capabilities.

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Foton Tunland 2018

Foton Tunland 2018

The Foton Tunland is a Truck which combines with good power, performance, precision engineering plus bold a great looks. Foton Tunlandnicely covers itself in a stylish and strong body consisting of four doors or two doors for the single cab version. Thunder is built more larger and most advanced factories and is the result of the most thorough and comprehensive research and development programmer ever undertaken by Foton.

The Foton Tunland embodies freedom and confidence that its incredibly strong and durable design. Its solidity comes from its ladder-frame construction, rigid chassis and reinforced steel body, while its superior balance and stability comes from its independent double wishbone front suspension and parallel leaf spring rear suspension. In face, the exceptional articulation and wheel travel of this vehicle not only ensure that the wheels are always in contact with the ground, however, combined with its low-range gearbox and powerful engine, make the need for a diff-lock completely obsolete. The Foton Tunland adds a four speaker sound system with AM/FM radio, CD player plus AUX plus USB audio input, and handfree Bluetooth. The rear seat base can be folded upright to sit against the backrest via a unique cantilevered hinge, providing access to storage compartments under the seat. The remarkable stability of its suspension, your ride is always be smooth.

The Foton Tunland is equipped with an ABS brakes , EBD, and a high specification levels in areas such as active and passive safety. In the final phase of ride and drive that created the Tunland, prototypes were subjected to numerous performance indices, including noise, vibration and harshness. Each prototype covered more than 150 000 kilometers over rough roads, in mountainous terrain and on motorways as part of this process.

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Tunland 2.8L AT

Tunland 2.8L AT

The 4WD Tunland is fitted with a Cummins diesel engine, Getrag transmission, BOSCH electronics and ABS with ESC, a Borg Warner transfer case, DANA axles and differentials and a front and rear disc brake system.

The revolutionary design of the ISF Cummins engine balances performance with economy with a combined fuel consumption of 8.7 litres (approx) per 100km.

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Porsche 911 Carrera V6 3.0L

Porsche 911 Carrera V6 3.0L

The Porsche 911 Carrera is powered by a turbocharged 3.0-liter flat six-cylinder (horizontally opposed) 24-valve gasoline engine rated at 370 hp. with the 7-speed PDK manual transmission combining a high level of sporty performance with fast gear changes.

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BMW 750Li

BMW 750Li BMW 750Li is motivated by a turbocharged 4.4-liter inline-8 32-valve gasoline engine rated at a 450 horsepower. This 7 Series employs an eight-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel drive as a standard.
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Mercedes-Benz Maybach S500

Mercedes-Benz Maybach S500

The Mercedes-Benz Maybach S500 is a classy looking sedan boasts of world class interior furnishings made out of quality leather cover for the seats, wood paneling for the dashboard and chrome inserts in the instrument panel. The interior of this car is furnished with Napa upholstery to give it an elegant look. The seats are electrically controlled and come with Lumbar support. Additionally, it has an automatic climate control system, inside rear view mirror with anti dazzle function, floor mats, bottle and cup holders.

The Mercedes-Benz Maybach S500 sedan is equipped with a powerful 4.5 liters V type TwinPower Turbo 8 cylinders with 32 valves gasoline engine that can provide a massive power of 455 hp. This powerful gasoline engine is mated to a 9 speed automatic gearbox.
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Mercedes-Benz Maybach

Mercedes-Benz Maybach

The Mercedes-Benz Maybach is the ultimate of the ultimate, and it is the long-wheelbase version of the S-Class. Rich leather upholstery, replete with beautiful decorative perforations and stitching, resides everywhere the hand falls and seemingly stretches from floor to ceiling. The steering is fairly light, and with lane keeping assist and/or Distronic Plus (Advanced radar sensors vigilantly scanning traffic ahead) cruise control activated, it could even subtly steer the car for you. This quite obviously isn't a sporty car, but it can be surprisong at how adeptly this very large sedan can hunker down and go around a corner.

The standard equipment list includes a chrome twin exhaust system, LED headlights, a sliding panoramic sunroof, key-less entry and go, run-flat tyres, tinted rear windows and a 360-degree camera system on the outside. A pair of massive, 12.3-inch widescreen displays appear to float in their mounts, with one acting as a gauge cluster and the other keeping tabs on infotainment functions and advanced vehicle settings. At night, driver-adjustable multi-color lighting bathes the cabin in a soothing glow.

The rear seats are the place to be, with pampering accommodations that wouldn't be out of place in a custom-outfitted Gulfstream. There's abundant room to stretch out, and with the rear center console, it's easy for a pair of occupants to get work done on the optional foldout tray tables or watch a movie using the twin rear screens. With the seats' power recline function and pop-out calf support and footrest, it's also possible to catch a few Z's or indulge in a quick "hot stone" massage en route to your next appointment.

At the front, all of the Maybach's many vehicle functions are controlled by the latest iteration of the Mercedes COMAND system. It is quite easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things to control on the car. As a result, it takes a long time to familiarize yourself with everything even on a drive including the redundant control setup of a traditional knob controller and a more modern capacitive touch-pad. You can essentially use whichever you prefer.

Besides the typical airbags and traction aids, Mercedes-Benz Maybach comes with a driver knee airbag, front side pelvic airbags, rear side airbags, rear cushion airbags that prevent submarining under your seat belt, rear-seat belt airbags, a forward collision warning and automatic braking system (detects cars and pedestrians), a rear collision detection and mitigation system, a drowsy driver warning system, active lane-keeping and blind-spot assistance, front and rear cross-traffic alert. Also included is free trial of Mbrace Secure emergency services, which includes automatic collision and alarm notification, stolen vehicle locator and an emergency call button.

The car also comes standard with ABS brakes automatically sense when a tire has stopped rotating under extreme braking, and can modulate the brake pressure to allow the tire to rotate. Anti-whiplash head restraints actively react to rear collision forces and craddle the occupants head in an effort to reduce the likelihood of a whiplash injury. The vehicle is equipped with an ignition disable device that will prevent the engine from starting if the correct original manufacturer key is not used.

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Foton Motor is originally from Beijing, China which designs and manufactures trucks, buses, sport utility vehicles and agricultural machinery. Foton Motor first founded on August 28th, 1996.

Car4you Co., Ltd is the official distributor of the Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd of China automotive manufacturer Foton in Cambodia. For the service center Car4you has their own service center in their showroom. Foton opened its first showroom in Cambodia since 2012.

The currently sells the Tunland pickup, the Sauvana SUV, the Gratour T1, T3, Gratour (8 seats MPV), the View CS2 (12-16 seats) and AUV (Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle) BUS (from 25-54 seats).

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More vehicles on the roads

More vehicles on the roads

According to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, there were in 2016 1,136,688 registered vehicles running on Cambodia roads with a total of 525,764 vehicles newly registered, an increase of 31.9% compared to 2015.

Cambodia saw 464,970 motorcycles registered in 2016, an increase 35.9% compared to 2015.

Here are the total statistic data of registration, inspection, transport operation vehicles, and driver's license holder in 2016 in Cambodia:

New Registered Vehicles

  • Motorcycle : 464,970
  • Car : 37,480
  • Mini Bus : 4,610
  • Bus : 528
  • Pick Up : 10,961
  • Truck : 7,215
Inspected Vehicles
  • Car : 233,345
  • Mini Bus : 35,851
  • Bus : 2,965
  • Pick Up : 49,914
  • Truck : 59,284
Transport operation vehicles
  • Car : 287
  • Mini Bus : 13,488
  • Bus : 1,737
  • Pick Up : 32,738
  • Truck : 14,254
New driving licenses

  • Car : 4,988
  • Mini Bus : 126,963
  • Bus/Truck : 14,398
  • Motorcycle : 5,417
In 2016, according to Mr. Preap Chanvibol, director of the land transportation department at the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, most vehicles have been imported from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Korea, US and UK,.

Statistics of Ministry of Public Works and Transport - MPWT from 1999 to 2016 are available here.

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