Foton Sauvana 2018

The Foton Sauvana was first launched in 2014, based on the chassis of the Toyota Fortuner. Basically it's a Tunland pickup with a wagon body plonked on in place.

But unlike the traditional part-time 4WD setup of the Tunland, the Foton Sauvana uses an ‘ATTESA E-TS’ AWD system using a system of clutch packs in the transfer case, controlled by hydraulic fluid, to divert up to 50% of the torque to the front end, which will then behave like a true 4X4 system.

2 Turbo engines are employed, a 2.8L diesel and a 2.0L petrol but only the turbo diesel version will be available in Cambodia.

The Sauvana is a true seven-seater, with a third row that folds flat into the floor. Foton has followed the Toyota Fortuner with their design, but one can see plenty of Ford Everest in the looks department.

The main 4 keys about the Sauvana are its hard-core exterior, spacious interior, powerful engine and off-road capabilities.

The Foton Sauvana 2018 is available in the following configurations:

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